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A home away from home
- for your cat.

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Call Us:    760-908-2103

"Modern Luxury for my cat."

Larry P., Carlsbad

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We love cats

"The Best of the Best"

T. L., Encinitas

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"dogs have owners....cats have staff"    - Marlon Brando

Cat Villa Logo 2012

1642 Caudor Street | Encinitas | CA | 92024 |
E:     T: 760-908-2103

We're five minutes from the la costa avenue exit of i-5, in encinitas.

Cat-Villa Interior

Luxury Boarding for Cats Only.
Garden Pavilion for secure, all day Cage-Free 'outdoor' play.

Tiggers View of Cat-Villa


Who We Are:

Cat-Villa is a boutique boarding facility for cats.

We're unique in Southern California because of our home environment location, we have room for only a very limited number of pampered cats, with a 24/7 staff of three experienced cat-lovers.
Livingston and Rufus at Cat Villa
We provide individual-attention cat care:  Each guest gets a maximum of personal attention and love all day long and into the night.

All cats love our secure Garden Pavilion where they can socialize, climb and lounge in the fresh air of "outdoors" all day long.
Tara on Cat-Villa porch
We provide the best boarding experience for your cat in San Diego County!

Your cat will enjoy ALL-DAY PLAY-TIME in our open interior play-area and our secure garden pavilion, at no extra cost. (Your cat will NOT be kept in a "cage").

We provide a comfortable and stimulating modern environment for your cat's spa vacation: a home setting, with Ikea furniture, limestone flooring and wood ceiling. low lighting and garden views.

One entire wall of the cattery is openable to the garden pavilion, so all cats get maximum fresh air, and connection to the outside world.

Our Garden Pavilion:

Bryce and Tara at Cat-Villa

CAT-VILLA is the only Cat boarding facility in San Diego County where your cat is free to safely play, climb and lounge at-will, all day long, in a secure outdoor pavilion, set in a one half acre garden.

Shady at Cat Villa

Dash relaxing at Cat Villa

Beau and Olive together

Casanova in the cat tree at Cat Villa

Cat-Villa cat tree - Vishnu with tease

Martha at Cat Villa

Treat your feline to a Spa Vacation at CAT-VILLA luxury home environment.


The features that will make your cat love Cat-Villa:

Cat-Villa Interior View

CATS only Boarding.              

(No Dogs), with space for only a very limited number of pampered cats - with a 24/7 staff of 3. So your cat will receive maximum individual attention in a comfortable, quiet, home environment.
Each cat condo has an unobstructed view of our shady courtyard garden, so your cat can stay in touch with the outdoors.

Dash relaxing 2 at Cat-Villa

Home Environment.               

The cattery is just steps away from our kitchen, so we can keep an eye on our guests, throughout the day and evening hours.
Each condo has a separate room for the litter box and storage for your cats personal items - their food, extra bedding, brushes, toys, medicines.

Captain playing at Cat-Villa

All-Day Play-time                   

Your cat will NOT be kept in a "cage". At Cat-Villa, all cats are free to climb the giant cat trees and explore the outdoor garden-pavilion all day long and into the night.
ALL DAY PLAY-TIME is included in boarding price.

Outdoor tree at Cat-Villa

Giant Cat-Trees                        

Outdoor Pavilion                      

Cats love our secure outdoor pavilion in the garden, where they can climb, and look down upon humans from high above. The giant, colorful cat tree and high ledges provide many opportunities for exploring and lounging.

Kimba at Cat-Villa

Cat Entertainment                  

Our open play area has a flat-screen TV playing bird/fish videos, soothing and stimulating bird song, comfortable fleeces to lay on - 24/7.
You are encouraged to bring whatever items from home that will make your cat more comfortable while he is staying with us.

Sparky at Cat-Villa

Blue Grain-Free Diet              

We suggest that you may want to bring your cat's own food from home, to maintain his own normal diet.
If you do not bring your cat's food, we will provide a nutritious diet: Blue Buffalo Brand and other high-quality grain-free dry food.
If your cat has any special diet needs, please discuss this with us.


Our rates are ALL-INCLUSIVE, including ALL-DAY PLAY-TIME,

Cat-Villa Interior close up


$35/night (all-inclusive).


Suitable for 1 cat.
Dim: 47" w x 29" h x 23" deep.

Pia in her bed


$60/night (all-inclusive).


Suitable for 2-3 cats.
Dim: 58" w x 62" h x 23" deep.



Syros at Cat-Villa

Kennel Boarding rates are ALL-Inclusive:

All-Day playtime, food, brushing, videos, e-mail updates with photos, administering medications, and unlimited attention are all included in our daily rate.

We keep the kennel boarding fee simple - no additonal costs!

Payment is by Personal CHECK or CASH only, Sorry no credit cards.

Robbie at Cat-Villa

Cat Boarding Rate Discounts:

For longer stays, we offer DISCOUNTS off the total cat boarding fee:

Kimba with videos at Cat-Villa


After 7 days, 10% off total kennel boarding fee,
or $31.00 per day.
After 14 days, 15% off total boarding fee,
or $29.00 per day.
After 21 days, 25% off total boarding fee,
or $26.00 per day.


After 7 days, 10% off total kennel boarding fee,
or $54.00 per day.
After 14 days, 15% off total boarding fee,
or $51.00 per day.
After 21 days, 25% off total boarding fee,
or $45.00 per day.

Many cats stay at Cat-Villa spa for one month or longer, if you are considering that, please ask us for a special discount.

Rose in cat-tree

Vaccinations Required:

We require that all cat guests be current with their vaccinations -- this is to protect your own cat, and all our other guests:

All cats must be current with their vaccinations for feline distemper FVRCP .
The FeLV vaccination is not required.

We ask that you or your vet provide us with your cat's vaccination record at check-in or before.
If you have any questions regarding vaccination requirements, please call us.

At check-in, please confirm that your cat is in good health and free from respiratory or any other contagious disease - again, this is for your own cat's protection.

Eclpse in cat-villa tree

Flea Treatment Required:

All of our cat guests enjoy spending as much time as possible in our garden pavilion, so all guests MUST have had a flea treatment within two-weeks of their boarding check-in day at Cat-Villa.

Tara in cat-tree

Valet Pick-Up and Delivery Service available:

$20 each-way, within a 10 mile radius from Cat-Villa pet hotel. For further distances, or out-of-hours check-ins or pick-ups, call for rates.

Livingston late afternoon at Cat-Villa

Visit our Yelp page for more reviews and photos of Cat-Villa:

Visit Yelp for more reviews, and more than 160 photos of Cat-Villa and our pampered feline guests.


To make a reservation, or to visit CAT-VILLA to see if it is right for your cat, please call us or send us an email. We will provide an email / phone confirmation the same day.

Call us:

Text us:

E-mail us:

You can download our Cat Owners Information Form, and our Emergency Medical Authorization Form, and bring them with you to check-in.

Cat-Villa Owners Information and Reservation Form

Cat-Villa Emergency Medical Authorization Form


8 am - 6 pm, Monday thru Saturday.
We are closed on Sundays.
Check-ins and Check-outs are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Check-ins and Check-outs can be arranged for other hours, by pre-arrangment.

ALWAYS CALL at least 20 minutes before your arrival for check-in / check-out, so we can be ready for you.

Reviews of Cat-Villa:

Lolz at Cat-Villa

"Modern Luxury for My Cat - Two Thumbs Up for Cat-Villa!"

Lance, Cash, and Debbie have created a caring, sophisticated environment where my cat had plenty of room to roam--all within a protected, garden-like enclosure. They love cats and it shows; they even assisted with my cat's health issue at no extra charge. They provided lots of personal attention, care, and high-quality meals so that my cat was truly happy when I picked him up. It all adds up to a wonderful, five-star vacation for my cat. Thanks guys! See you next time! Larry P. Carlsbad.

Marvin in cat-tree

"Cat Villa really is the best ever..."

Having just arrived from Australia, along with our cat- Marvin, I feel incredibly lucky to have found Cat Villa almost immediately. It is a unique, amazing home-away-from-home for cats and Marvin loves it. Each cat has his/her own very comfortable space, and may also explore the communal climbing platforms and 'indoor tree' area which is open to every cat, whenever they choose. Only 10 cats can board at any one time, so there is a sense of community and plenty of space for each cat. Cash, Lance and Debbie really spend a lot of time and thought on caring for their feline guests and also on keeping in contact with their owners during their time apart. I know that Marvin is not only safe and well-cared for when he stays here, he is also happy, loved and treated as an individual. I've used many cat-boarding places over the past 30+ years, and Cat Villa really is the best ever. Jacqueline B. Encinitas.

Sasha at Cat-Villa

"They are simply the best of the best..."

We just brought our cat Sasha home after a 3 day stay at Cat-Villa in Encinitas. WOW...what a GREAT experience for us and our cat. Cat-Villa is an incredible facility that is totally focused on cats. They offer very personalized service and limit the number of cats to around 10, at any one time. The cats can play in the free zone or retire to their Cat Cubby's, all the while looking out over a beautiful garden and watching birds or fish on their dedicated flat screen TV! Cash, Lance and Debbie run this as a very professional business.... but they obviously REALLY love cats. If you are looking for a cat boarding facility anywhere near Encinitas and want the ABSOLUTE best for your a very reasonable price.... then you must consider Cat-Villa.... they are simply the BEST of the BEST!!!". T. L. Encinitas.

Dharma at Cat-Villa

"If you want top-notch care for your kitty, this is the place!"

The staff at Cat-Villa went above and beyond to make our furry family member, Lolz, feel safe, comfortable and loved. With several updates about his wellbeing, along with (very artistic!) photographs of our feline, we felt connected to his adventures while we were away on our own! Thank you Cat-Villa for your quality care and compassion for cats. You are so very appreciated! -The Hawk-Miller family". Jeremiah M. Encinitas.

Beau watching bird videos

Beau in kangaroo pouch

Cone on roof at cat-villa

Tigger on Lion
Rufus in tree

"Cat-Villa is like a Four Seasons Resort for your cat."

They took such great care of our Cat Dharma while we were away for 10 days. It was a difficult situation because a few days before we left, she had to have several teeth removed at the Vet. Cash and Lance not only gave her medication, they took her to her scheduled post-op check up at the Vet. Dharma has never boarded before but she seems to have really enjoyed her stay at the Cat Villa, and was even lounging on the roof of her apartment when we came to pick her up. This is a wonderful establishment, staffed by responsible cat-lovers. I would recommend them to anyone and use them again without hesitation". Stu T. Carlsbad

Trouble at Cat-Villa

"Treat your cat to its own vacation at the CAT-VILLA."

This place is amazing. We boarded Little Miss Trouble here for a week, and couldn't have been happier. They sent photos of Trouble enjoying herself, playing with other cats and climbing up, around, on top of and below the rope tree, platforms and condo roofs. They give lots of one-on-one attention to the cats and really tailor their care to what each individual cat needs. Trouble is pretty demanding of attention and she got plenty, while other cats there wanted privacy and quiet. What comes across most is how much Cash, Debbie and Lance truly understand cats and enjoy looking after them as if they were their own. Treat your cat to its own cat-vacation at the Cat Villa. We have already booked Trouble's second stay". Jane B. Encinitas.

Winston at night

"We love Cat-Villa!"

We moved our much loved cat from Australia to the US, she arrived unaccompanied and stayed for a few weeks while we were getting settled. She was so well taken care of and we were able to visit her at any time. She has been back to visit several times since and Cash, Lance and Debbie take such good care of her, with regular emails and updates on how she's doing. The facilities are lovely and the cats are all spoilt with lots of attention and love. This is the only place we will trust with our little girl! Justine M. Carlbad.

Cat-Villa Jungle

"Our experience with CAT-VILLA was phenomenal."

We felt comfortable at last, leaving our precious 'children' with Cash, Lance, and Debbie, knowing that they will be in the best care possible.
Our diva "Melody" loved the place, because she received all the attention a queen is entitled to.
Our more introverted "Robbie" had a difficult time adjusting, but he ate and hid, and his wishes were respected. He was not forced to be 'out there', and because of that, we felt we found someone who valued our cats as much as we did.
We would leave our cats in CAT-VILLA's care anytime, and feel reassured that they would receive optimum care. Thanks so much" Jocelyn and Dylan. Carlsbad.

Snow & Cone at Cat-Villa

Zombiekins in cat-tree

"We recently left our 2 four month old kittens for 10 days at Cat Villa."

They took excellent care of them, and even sent emails with pictures, during their stay. We were happy to know they were safe, and had plenty of play time. Cash even has helped to make the skittish kitty better socialized. Now they are home and back to their naughty curtain-climbing ways. We will definitely take our kitties back there, the next time we leave town". Kathleen C. Del Mar.

Shady in cat-tree

Jasmine at Cat-Villa


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